5 Essential Gardening Tools for Beginners (You Must Buy)

5 Essential Gardening Tools for Beginners

Great Gardens Begin With Great Tools. But there seem to be as many tools to choose from as there are plants…not helpful! There is hope, however. You really don’t need a lot in the way of gardening tools to get started.

All gardening really involves is digging, watering, and cuttings. I’ll show you the basic 3 necessities in Garden tools that you’ll need to have a successful garden this spring. In addition, I’ll share 2 extra items that while highly beneficial, are completely optional.

No matter if you’re gardening in small containers, raised beds, or even large plots we all need to dig at some point. The first tool on my list is a shovel.

5 Essential Gardening Tools for Beginners

1. Shovels and Trowels

Shovels and Trowels

Now shovels obviously come in all shapes and sizes for various uses, but I feel like you can get away with just two kinds.

For container gardening, planting, weeding, and even mixing a hand Trowel is a must. These miniature metal diggers are essential and centric to so many garden activities, it’s no wonder they’re first on our list.

I use mine daily for mixing, digging, potting, and planting. I don’t think a day goes by where I’m not putting these miniature metal diggers to work.

For these miniature diggers, you’ve got to go metal. The plastic ones will break, it’s only a matter of time.

If you’re indoor, patio, or container gardening exclusively you can pretty much stop right there, this is all you need. But if your endeavors are a little more expansive we’re going to need to level up. In that case, I highly recommend a spade or pointed shovel.

Necessary for moving large amounts of soil mulches and aggregates, shovels are also required for digging and breaking up tough dirt. This is why you want the pointed ones rather than the square-nosed ones.

Square shovels are also nice and sure if money isn’t an option buy both but in terms of functionality, the pointed shovel can do everything.

Aside from digging the next most popular garden activity is watering.

2. Watering Tools for Gardening

Watering Tools for Gardening

Plants need moisture to grow and produce and their relationship with water is synonymous with the healthy flourishing plant.

There are a million different apparatuses to water your plants, but outside of an automatic watering system, I use only three types of tools to water my garden.

For close quarters or quick applications, it’s hard to beat a solid watering can. Versatile, inexpensive and if you’re indoor growing or confined to patio gardening this is all you need.

For more expansive setups I look to a multi-headed sprayer on an extension hose. They have numerous settings, you know both for watering and washing, these guys are just fantastic especially for overhead watering when you need to change the sensitivity based on the crop that you’re watering.

Another option if you’re vertical gardening is the hand wands with an extended handle, really handy and I much prefer to have one of these guys than trying to lug a ladder around.

With the plants dug into our soil and nicely watered as expected, they’re gonna start to grow and that’s where our third set of essential gardening tools comes in and that’s our cutting tools.

3. Scissors and pruners

If you’re growing mostly herbs lettuces spinach you know and other lush plants honestly you can get away with a simple pair of scissors. Not even garden scissors just scissors, they’re perfectly fine for harvesting the soft lush leaves of some of our favorite crops.

However, once you start getting into growing woody perennials and larger crops such as peppers and tomatoes, you will need to seriously look at getting a decent pair of pruners.

They can do everything that scissors can do plus some. Prices range from ultra-cheap to well over a hundred dollars but most stainless steel ones in the 20 to 30 dollar range will serve you quite well and last for years if well maintained.

This particular pruner as shown in the above image may look new but I’ve had it for six years now, so don’t skimp when you buy these guys but don’t overpay anywhere around thirty dollars make sure you get stainless steel you’ll be just fine.

If I were just starting out my gardening career those three sets of tools would fully encompass what I call garden necessities. Now the next two tools while not required are highly recommended.

The fourth tool on our list is a hard rake.

4. Hard Rake

Hard Rake (Gardening tools)

This has to be one of the most versatile pieces of hardware that a home gardener can have. While it can be used just as you would traditionally use any other rake a hard rake has more functionality.

It’s fantastic for leveling beds and preparing large long rows for nice neat sewing of seeds, it’s also great for applying coarse mulches and wood chip paths.

A hard rake is one of those tools that you buy once and it lasts you a lifetime and the final accessory well not required but highly recommended is a good pair of gardening gloves.

5. Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves

I love to get my hands dirty as much as the next person but there’s no denying that sometimes it’s just nice to have that extra protection.

I wear my dirty fingernails like a badge of honor but as the season wears on and as the work gets tougher I’m thankful for those gloves and I’m really thankful for that extra protection that they provide.

Like anything else to do with gardening you can drive yourself crazy thinking that you need to acquire everything to grow successfully and while all tools have their place and are nice to have that’s just it, they’re nice to have.

Your plants don’t know what hardware you own they’re only concerned with the soil around them and the light above them. If you’re just starting out make sure that you can dig water and cut.

Beyond that, as you get a few seasons under your belt start acquiring tools that make your life easier, tools that really help you and those kinds of choices will become more clear with more and more seasons and more and more crops under your belt.

Hey if you can think of any tools that I missed that should be on this list make sure to share them with the community down below.

Thanks for reading guys, if you’re getting value in this and the other blogs that I’m adding on this blogging site please share it with your friends and family. Happy Gardening!

I am Fenil Kalal. Professionally I have done Engineering in Information and Technology. Gardening is my passion/love/favorite hobby and I have 5+ years of experience in Gardening.

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