10 Gift ideas for gardeners (Best Gifts For Gardeners)

Gift ideas for gardeners

It’s pretty common to think that gardeners have everything they could ever want right in their own backyard and for the most part that’s pretty much true. We have to be the hardest group of people to buy a gift for. We don’t want seeds because we save our own, we don’t want soil because we make our own and we don’t want any plants because, for the most part, we’re really trying to grow our own. Surely there must be something that we’d be excited to receive as a present. Well, there is, in fact, I’ll give you my top 10 gift ideas for your favorite gardeners this season and it starts right now.

10 Best gift ideas for gardeners

1. Gloves


First on our list is gloves. You know whether you’re a new grower or a seasoned vet, gardening gloves are a gift idea that we growers simply can’t get enough of.

I know myself I have six pairs of gloves that all have a different function of my garden, very useful gift that will definitely be appreciated

2. Solar Light

Solar Light

The second item on our list is solar lights. Either for aesthetics or for function the gift of perpetual light can really help complete our gardens.

With so many styles to choose from and so many places that they can go in the garden, there’s a solar light out there for everybody.

3. Gardening Tool set

Gardening Tool set

The third gift idea for gardeners is more geared towards new growers who maybe haven’t had the chance to establish all of their gardening hardware yet. A great gift for them would be one of those all-in-one gardening toolkits.

They come in 10 or 12-piece sets and can really help beginner gardener tackle their new passion and start that gardening project they’ve always dreamed of.

4. LED grow lights gift for gardeners

LED grow lights gift for gardeners

The fourth item on our top 10 list is led grow lights. Grow light technology has come a long way in the last 10 years and most serious indoor growers are going to graduate to an led grow system at one point.

Amazon carries a full line of them as well the folks at epicledgrowlite.com are fantastic and they’re very helpful. Nearly all the grow lights that I have in use right now are from their site.

5. Heating pad

Heating pad

Halfway through our list and our fifth gift idea is a heating pad. Just like led lights have become a necessity for the serious indoor grower heating pads are the perfect complement to a complete indoor growing system.

Used for seed germination and for warmer climate varieties of plants a heating pad is less a luxury and more a necessity for growers looking to take their indoor growing to the next level.

6. Gardening Scissors

Gardening Scissors

Next up we have a pair of light gardening scissors. Often the toolsets in gift idea number three that we mentioned will come with a pair of pruning shears but that’s not the same as a true pair of gardening scissors.

Scissors in the garden are used for more lightweight jobs, things such as weeding, pruning tomatoes, or harvesting peas, lettuce, and other salad greens great gift idea, and the avid gardener can never have too many pears.

7. Sun hat gift for gardeners

Sun hat gift for gardeners

The seventh gift idea on our list is a sun hat. Now more than ever we need to protect ourselves from the sun’s damaging rays.

A large brim hat offers the ultimate protection and really shows that you care about the good stuff.

8. Analog pH Meter

Analog pH Meter

Number eight is a great gift idea that most gardeners want but likely don’t have and that’s an analog ph. Moisture meter relatively inexpensive these probes can be set into any soil to read not only its relative acidity or alkalinity but also the moisture levels well below the surface.

Very handy for any next-level gardener that wants to fine-tune their soils and definitely a tool that any grower is going to appreciate.

9. Genuine Felco Pruners

Genuine Felco Pruners

The second to last item on our list is a set of pruners now not just any pruners but Felco pruners. Super strong blades and a lifetime warranty make these the pruners of choice.

The f2 classic is the one most gardeners go for but several models do exist. Felcos are forever and buying your favorite garden repair is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

10. Raised Garden Bed gift for gardeners

Raised Garden Bed gift for gardeners

Finally rounding out the top 10 list of best gifts to give a gardener is a raised bed. Honestly as handy as most gardeners are with a shovel most are all thumbs when it comes to woodworking.

A well-crafted quality raised bed is the ultimate way to show a gardener that you care and that their plants matter and just like us gardeners they come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate nearly every preference.

There you go guys an exhaustive but not all-inclusive list of 10 great gift ideas that you can give your favorite gardeners that you’re finding really really hard to shop for. Hey if you’ve got any other great gardening gift ideas throw them in the comments down below.

Thanks for reading guys if you’re getting value in this and the other articles that I’m adding on this blogging site then please do share with your friends and family. Happy Gardening

I am Fenil Kalal. Professionally I have done Engineering in Information and Technology. Gardening is my passion/love/favorite hobby and I have 5+ years of experience in Gardening.

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