How to grow cucumbers from seed in a pot [Step by Step Guide]

how to grow cucumbers in a pot

Hey guys this article is all about how to grow organic cucumbers in a pot at your home balcony or Terrace. In this article, I’ll also share 65 days updates starting from seeding to harvesting with very simple tried and tested care tips. All that is coming up!

Friends picking fresh, crunchy and nutritious cucumbers from your own garden is always a pleasure.

Also when sliced into salads or sandwiches, pickled or dropped into cooling summer drinks cucumbers are loved by everyone.

YouTube video on: 5+ Tips for Growing Cucumbers in a pot

But if you have limited space and your garden is in pots and you are wondering can cucumbers be growing in pot or containers? So the answer is yes!

So guys read this entire article to know how easy it is to grow this amazing wine in containers. I am growing a hybrid variety of cucumber.

Steps to grow cucumbers in a pot

1. Seeding and Germination

seeding and germination to grow cucumbers

Now before seeding, I am soaking seeds overnight, this will ensure fast germination. Cucumber wine should be started in a seed starting tray rather than sowing directly into the container.

To make seed starting mix I am taking vermicompost 50%, coco peat 40%, perlite or river sand 10%.

Mix it well and add some water to this fluffy mixture. Now fill it with the moist mixture and sow seeds not more than half-inch deep.

Cover the seeds with some mixture and keep it in the shade, water them regularly.

To get a constant supply of cucumbers till late winters sow the seeds again after four weeks. You can see after a week almost 90% of seeds have been germinated.

result after 14 days

After 14 days saplings has developed three to four true leaves which means it is ready to be transplanted. Take out saplings gently, you can see a developed a dense root system.

Plant the saplings a little bit deeper. Friends I’m using a big pot so I’m growing two saplings in one pot with a distance of 12 inches.

2. Pot Selection

pot selection to grow cucumbers

As far as cucumber wine is concerned grow it into the biggest possible pot as its root grows extremely dense and needs a lot of space.

I am growing it in 14 inch long 21 inch wide and 15 inch deep container which I have made from a fruit crate.

3. Soil type required to grow cucumbers

soil mixture to grow cucumbers in a pot

Cumbers can thrive in any well-drained soil but when growing it in the pot it requires rich soil with micronutrients in it.

To make potting mix you need garden soil 60%, vermicompost or cow dung compost 20%, sand 20%.

Also add one fistful of bone meal and one fistful of neem cake powder which is an organic fungicides.

After 30 days of germination flooring has been started and new side shoots are coming.

After 40 days the leader of the vine has climbed to the top of the canopy net which I have made by jute rope and bamboo.

4. 3G cutting

3G cutting or pinching of cucumbers plant

Now I’m pinching the growing tip of the leader this is called 3G cutting. This will encourage the plant to produce fruiting side shoots

This wine grows really fast so give it support for climbing such as bamboo canes vertical wires strong netting or rope.

I have made a jute rope canopy net to Train vines up with its support.

result after 50 days

Guys this is the result after 50 days this vine is now full of flowers and some small fruits. There are male and female flowers.

It’s easy to identify female flower by the slight swelling of the embryonic fruit behind each bloom.

5. Update after 60 days (Harvesting Time)

Now, guys, this is the result after 60 days see these vines are full of fresh and crunchy cucumbers.

result after 60 days

Generally, when you grow cucumbers in the pot you don’t get a lot of fruits but as you can see each of my wine is full of cucumbers of all sizes.

There are two reasons behind this:

  1. timing
  2. pollinator friends

They go from one flower to another and help in pollination between male and female flowers. I never use chemical pesticides on fruits and vegetable plants.

And finally it’s harvesting time!

Cucumbers should be harvested when still immature, green and tender like. An overgrown cucumber will start to turn yellow and then brown also the seeds will be hardened.

Friends during the fruiting period I picked cucumbers every three to four days and this encourages more fruiting.

6. Weather and planting time (to grow cucumbers)

weather and planting time to grow cucumbers

Cucumbers can be grown in July to September or just before the rainy season starts.

If the soil temperature is below 68 degrees Fahrenheit the plant will germinate very slowly, below 50 degrees Fahrenheit it will not germinate at all.

Cucumber plants thrive between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. All varieties of cucumber are warm-weather varieties preferring full Sun.

Place the container where it gets maximum sunlight. They grow best in US zone 4 through 11.

7. Fertilizing

Cucumber plant is a fast growing wine and also heavy feeder.

Feed plant every 2 to 3 weeks with well rotten cow dung compost or vermicompost, 2 fistful per square foot is sufficient enough.

Also, add 1 fistful of bone meal every month and while fertilizing never lose the upper surface of the soil in the container as it may damage the feeder roots which are growing just under the surface of the soil.

No synthetic fertilizer is required for this wine. Remember the more organic you grow the better fruiting it will give.

Guys inconsistent watering leads to yellowing of leaves and bitter tasting fruits.

The main care requirement of cucumber is consistent watering and plenty of Sun.


So friends just follow these simple steps and try to grow your own organic crunchy and nutritious cucumber at your home.

Well guys that’s all for now. Hope you find this article helpful.

Please share and comment on this article in comment section. Thanks for reading and keep on gardening.

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I am Fenil Kalal. Professionally I have done Engineering in Information and Technology. Gardening is my passion/love/favorite hobby and I have 5+ years of experience in Gardening.

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