How does broccoli grow? When to harvest broccoli? (Easy Guide)

how does broccoli grow

Broccoli is known as Brassica oleracea. One cannot resist having this crunchy veggie to make pickles that taste delicious with every food. Here is this article I will share with you how does broccoli grow and when to harvest broccoli.

This vegetable is a member of the cabbage family with a great nutritional value which makes it perfect for your kitchen garden.

Growing broccoli is not difficult once you understand the conditions necessary for its plantation.

Broccoli can be directly planted from the seeds. It is common with crops of the fall season.

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You have to start its plantation in early spring using the seeds. This is when you want the summer harvest.

In the case of winter harvest, you should begin the seeds at the time of mid-summer. The summer crop grows in 6-8 weeks while you need to wait for 5-6 weeks for your winter crop.

Temperature is very important while growing broccoli. So let’s discuss about it in the lines below.

Temperature range to grow broccoli

broccoli temperature

Make sure you plan to grow broccoli in the cool season. The ideal temperatures for growing broccoli range from 18 to 24 degrees Celsius.

In spring season when you have planted the broccoli you have lots of time to harvest it when it ready before the temperatures get hotter.

It can tolerate the frost and temperature that goes down to even 20 degrees Fahrenheit but foliage may burn in this temperature.

The seeds will germinate when temperature gets to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Soil preparation for broccoli

Soil preparation

The full Sun is needed for broccoli to grow. The soil has to be well-drained, fertile, moist and also a bit acidic. A thin layer with 2-4 inches of rich compost goes best for broccoli.

Soil preparation is very important for broccoli plantation. The consistent moist soil gives you best results.

When it comes to the pH of the soil then it has to be in range 5.8 to 6.5. The rich organic matter is the need for soil no matter which vegetable or fruit you are growing in your garden.

How much water does broccoli need

how much water does broccoli need

The water supply for the broccoli play nation should be uniform. In the morning time, you have to water it because it is the time when foliage is dry.

The water should be enough to moisten the soil as deep as six inches. Sprinkling the water is not enough because the shallow roots will not be able to get the required nutrients.

Everything depends on the weather condition when you have hot weather then definitely you have to water the plants two times a day otherwise once in a day is fine.

The best fertilizer to grow broccoli

best fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is best for your broccoli plantation. You may need compost manure along with that. Mulch should be added 1 to 2 inches at the base of broccoli plants.

Make sure you add well rotted manure before plantation begins.

Every, two to three weeks adding fertilizer rich in nitrogen to the plantation will promote their healthy growth. Make sure you protect the crop from caterpillars and insects.

How to grow broccoli at home

how to grow broccoli at home

People can enjoy broccoli throughout the summer and winter season where weather does not get too hot.

When you are planting the seeds in the spring then always plant them 2-3 weeks ahead of the previous frost date.

If you intend to transplant then consider 10 days less because those 10 days will be maturity days for the broccoli plantation.

When you are planting in the fall season then plant 80-100 days before the first average frost fall.

For people living in a warm region, fall plantations are ideal for them. From mid to late summer is the time when its plantations are done.

For growing broccoli rose with a distance of 3 feet must be prepared and every plant has to be 2 feet apart at most and it should be 36 inches between every row. They should have an inch deep or the transplants should be deeper than that.

Do not over seed otherwise you will need lots of space for their play nation.

How to take care of broccoli plants

How to take care of broccoli plants

Fertilizing the plants is very important. It should be done 3 weeks after you have transplanted them.

Regular watering is necessary. Not all the varieties of broccoli tolerate the heat that does not mean they need less water, regular water should be given to them.

Be careful not to wet the developing heads when you are watering.

Shallow roots need to be cultivated. Remove the weeds also mulch will be helpful in this regard.

The purpose of mulch is to decrease the soil temperatures. With these tips your broccoli plants will be healthy.

Also, save your broccoli crop from aphids and pests. These pests will make holes on the leaves thereby destroying your crop.

In this way you will be pleased to see your healthy broccoli crop when it is ready to be harvested.

How to harvest broccoli when it is ready

How to harvest broccoli when it is ready

When you have grown broccoli from the seeds then they will be ready to harvest in 100-150 days.

In case of broccoli grown from transplants, it will be ready in 55-80 days for harvest.

You have to cut the buds when they are tight and green in color. The central head should be cut 5-6 inches from the stem.

You should harvest in the morning time when the soil is not hot. The side shoots will develop once the main head is harvested.

After the harvest, you can store it in the refrigerator for 5-6 days. Do not wash it if you are storing broccoli. It can be frozen or blanched up to one year.

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