How long does it take for potatoes to grow [Complete Guide]

how long does it takes for potatoes to grow

Potato is one of the inexpensive and deliciously cooked vegetables that are loved by almost every person and it is easy to grow potatoes in any place and environment. There are different varieties of potatoes that are grown and the growing period of one variety is different from the other.

In this article, I will discuss how long does it take to grow potatoes. Currently, there are three varieties of potatoes and all of them have different times of maturation.

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The early varieties of potatoes are ready to be used in late May and June. Other varieties will take some more time to be harvested. The later varieties of potatoes are best to be used in the winter months.

Whenever you plant the potatoes you have to note the date because in this way you will come to know about a time when they are to be harvested.

What is the best time of year to plant potatoes?

best time of year to plant potatoes

What month do you plant potatoes is also asked by many people. The earlier spring is the best time of the year for planting potatoes.

The temperature of the soil is very important to be noted. The potato plants starting growing when the temperature is warm that is 45° F to 60° F.

As the temperature becomes hotter then the number of tubers is decreased. The colder the soil is the more tubers will grow with it.

Cold soil does not mean the frosty season. The soil has to be moist but not waterlogged for growing the potatoes.

Make sure you plant than 12 inches deep, after that they should be covered with soil that is 3 inches of coverage.

How do you know when your potatoes are ready to harvest

How do you know when your potatoes are ready to harvest

You will come to know about the right time of harvesting the potatoes when the flowers are open or you can say that that the buds have dropped.

It is the time to harvest the tubers, usually, it is considered that they reach the size of a hen’s egg then they are in a position to be harvested. It is the answer to how long does it take to grow potatoes.

The foliage turns yellow and it dries out at that time the potatoes have become mature, then you can cut them if is good that you leave them for a week before the tubers are harvested.

The potatoes you dig up initially should be rubbed with your fingers so its skin becomes ready for harvest.

Make sure they are dry enough before you store them, in this way they will remain fresh for long.

How long does it takes to grow earlier varieties of potatoes

earlier varieties growing period

The common potato variety takes shorter time and they are ready as almost 90 days.

It means that you have to harvest them within 90 days. This variety grows best in cool regions.

The earlier varieties of potatoes have standard round shape. They are clean as well.

The end of February and late March is an ideal time for their plantation. Within 10 weeks the early variety of potatoes are ready to be harvested.

They are best for steaming, frying and also suitable for salads. They can be added to various dishes.

The growing period of the earlier varieties of potatoes is between 70 to 90 days approximately.

How long does it takes to grow mid-season varieties of potatoes

Mid-season varieties of potatoes and their growing period

There are also some midseason varieties of potatoes that take some more time that is about 100 days and they are best to be planted in warm regions. So it depends on the type of potato variety you are growing in your garden.

The midseason varieties of potatoes are generally big in size as compared to the earlier ones. They are excellent for roasting and frying. You can add them to salads and other dishes that need mashed potatoes.

The growing period of the mid season varieties of potatoes is between 100 to 110 days approximately.

How long does it takes to grow late varieties of potatoes

Late varieties and their growing period

There are people who want the potatoes to be used throughout the season. All those gardeners should go for the late varieties of potatoes.

More than 100 days are needed for maturation. It is also very important that the potatoes are stored the right way. In this way, they will be used for long.

The late varieties of potatoes are resistant to diseases which means that they can be stored for the winter season. This variety is best for roasting and frying. They have an extraordinary taste.

The growing period of the late variety of potatoes is around 120 days and more than that approximately.

Necessary care for growing potatoes

care for growing potatoes
  1. If you don’t know how to grow potatoes at home then make sure when you are planting the potatoes then the soil is loose and well-drained
  2. Moisture is very important for potatoes. Watering on a regular basis when the tubers begin to form.
  3. Filling the potato plants is the next step. It is done before the blooming of the potato plants. Usually when the potato plants become six to eight inches tall then you have to dig up the earth around the plant. The roots should be covered well it is just to support your plant.
  4. Buying the potato plants in loose soil is important. When you Hill the potatoes then they are saved from sunburn, also they don’t turn green which makes them toxic in that form.
  5. The potatoes need to be healed continuously after some weeks as it keeps them protected.

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