4 Easy steps to plant hydrangeas in a pot [Complete Guide]

How to Plant Hydrangeas in a pot

Want to try a little twist with your hydrangeas (shrubs)? Have you ever thought about planting in a decorative pot? It is a fantastic way to add pops of color to your front step or patio or even adding a little movable color in the garden. I’m Fenil from gardener ideas and in this article, we are going to learn how to plant hydrangeas in a pot.

You probably filled baskets and pots with annuals for a colorful display but maybe never thought of putting hydrangeas (shrubs) in there, well they’re not just for annuals anymore. hydrangeas (shrubs) are a fantastic way to fill a pot and they give you lots of color and texture for a longer period of time.

So let’s start by talking about why you might want to add hydrangeas (shrubs) to a pot and then we’ll get on how to plant hydrangeas in a pot.

Why add hydrangeas (shrubs) to a pot?

Why add hydrangeas (shrubs) to a pot

There are a few good reasons:

1. Not enough space: Maybe you don’t have space for one more darn plant. Either your gardens already full or you live in a space that doesn’t even have a garden, but no dirt no problem.

This is a super fun way to garden either without more landscaping space or if you don’t have a garden at all.

2. Deciding Location: Be it’s your first year with that specific plant and you’re not quite sure where it’ll do best or you want to see if the color scheme works as your seasonal plants start to fill in.

Put the shrub in a pot and place it in the garden where you might plant it in the future and just give it a season and see if you like it. If you do plant it later in the fall and if you don’t, don’t worry about it.

Then you don’t have to worry about transplant shock later when you move it to a different part of the garden if you’re gonna keep the plant in the container, because you’re not quite sure where it’s gonna end up, I’ll tell you how to overwinter later on in the article.

Adding long-lasting interest

3. Adding long-lasting interest: You also might want to add some long-lasting color or texture to your front step, patio, deck, or even next to your pool if you are so lucky as to have one.

Hydrangeas (shrubs) are intended to give you that long-lasting blooms and fabulous foliage all season, so putting a shrub in a pot will keep delivering all the way through fall even in areas where you obviously wouldn’t plant since it’s a hard surface.

They’re just easier to maintain than a pothole of annuals, typically less water, less deadheading, and must maintenance.

4. Instant gratification: plants take a while to grow in and with hydrangeas (shrubs) that could be a year or two or even longer, so putting it in a pot for that first year or two can give it some added height that you wouldn’t naturally have in the garden.

So potted up in an established area or on both your front door and bam you’re all set.

Enjoy them as annuals

5. Enjoy them as annuals: Finally, the plant might not be naturally Hardy in your region but you want to give it a go.

I live in zone 4 Minnesota, so I have a major zone and be on a regular basis I love to get a Crepe myrtle or a gardenia and put it in a pot.

It wouldn’t survive naturally with our winter outside, so this way I get to enjoy them as an annual without the hassle of digging it up at the end of the season and leaving a hole in the ground.

Starting to see why hydrangeas (shrubs) and pots is a cool thing to try? Okay good now let’s get on how to plant hydrangeas in a pot.

Steps to plant hydrangeas in a pot

1. Picking the right pot to plant hydrangeas

Picking the right pot to plant hydrangeas

I get a lot of questions on how big the pot should be and honestly my answer is that it really depends.

It depends do you want to keep the pot in just for one year or is it gonna be multiple years. Do you want to accent the shrub with annuals or just leave it alone?

Those things play a really big factor, but in any case, you need the pot to be at least larger than the pot that your hydrangeas (shrub) came in and if you want to accent with those annuals or other perennials or if you want to keep the shrub in a pot for multiple years get at least a 15 or 18-inch pot so that you’re not having to move it every year.

Most importantly make sure that the pot has multiple drainage holes in the bottom. If there aren’t any already be sure to drill them before you start planting so the soil doesn’t get waterlogged and rot the roots.

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2. Potting mix

Potting mix required to plant hydrangeas

Get yourself to bagged potting mix and not garden soil. This generally is gonna have the right mix of materials to ensure proper drainage and usually, we’ll have that slow-release fertilizer, so they can keep the plant going.

Fill in the pot with enough soil so that when you set your hydrangeas (shrub) in there, the soil line from the shrub will be a couple of inches below the top of the pot, and then fill in all of the sides so the soil lines match.

You want to keep that couple of inches at the top open, so when you water it won’t spill over and make a mess and you do want to keep all that great soil in the pot to keep the plant healthy and protect the roots so they don’t dry out.

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3. Make sure the hydrangeas is well watered

Make sure the hydrangeas is well watered

That first day when you plant it you want to make sure it’s well watered so give it a really good soak until the water fills them to the top of the pot, let it drain through, and soak it one more time.

You want to keep a fairly close eye on your pots because they do tend to dry out more frequently than when you plant shrubs on the ground, so just check a daily by sticking your finger in the soil and if it’s dry soak it, if it’s still moist it’s okay to go another day and that’s it you’re done planting.

If you want to keep the shrub in a deco pot for more than one year it’s totally doable in most climates. But if it doesn’t work in a cold climate, just bring it into your unheated garage for the winter and give it about of snowball’s worth of water each month.

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4. Temperature Guide

Temperature Guide

If you live in a more temperate climate you can probably get away with leaving the pot outside in a protected area so that it doesn’t get hurt with temperature fluctuations in the winter.

If you’re gonna do this and keep the plant in a pot for multiple years, you might need to add fertilizer in subsequent years.

So my challenge to you is this, just give it a try. The actual planting process is super easy and the benefits are really beautiful and fun. So try a hydrangea (shrub) in a pot this year. Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to comment and share. Happy planting!

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I am Fenil Kalal. Professionally I have done Engineering in Information and Technology. Gardening is my passion/love/favorite hobby and I have 5+ years of experience in Gardening.

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