How to ripen peppers faster (3 Simple ways to follow)

How to ripen peppers

With summer in full swing and our gardens producing like crazy, there’s no better time to be a gardener. Forward-thinking growers however are keenly aware that fall is looming and the clock is ticking for all remaining unripened fruit. Hi, I’m fenil from the gardener ideas and welcome to another article of the garden quickie where in two minutes or less we solve the most important growing questions of the day and today it’s all about how to ripen your peppers.

The fruits of almost all varieties of peppers start out their life green. Eventually turning a shade of yellow, red, orange, purple, brown, or even black.

Each variety does this at slightly different speeds but they all have one thing in common. Once the nighttime low temperatures hit around 55 Fahrenheit or 12 degrees celsius the ripening of the fruit of the plant comes to a massive slowdown if not a complete hold.

Of course, peppers can not only be eaten green as well as picked green and then ripened off indoors quite easily, but if you’re like me and you’re always looking for that ripe off the plant experience I have got 3 easy ways to ripen your Peppers ON the plant so you can enjoy all your sweets and hots in their full glory before fall hits!

3 Easy ways to ripen peppers

1. Harvest


Method number one to ripen peppers is easy and that’s to harvest.

Like most fruiting plants the more you harvest the more you get and peppers like most fruiting plants put a ton of energy into their fruit.

By removing large fruit as they ripen or close to it the remaining peppers in turn will ripen faster as the plant has more energy to spare and to divide amongst the fruit that’s still attached.

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2. To ripen your peppers faster Shelter them

To ripen your peppers faster Shelter them

The second way to ripen your peppers faster is to shelter them. You see peppers and really most commercial nightshades such as tomatoes and eggplants, ripen due to the presence of a gas called ethylene.

The plants emit this odorless tasteless gas themselves and it’s the catalyst that starts a cascade of reactions and processes to start the ripening sequence.

In windy areas, this gas can be easily lost and dispersed causing a delay in the ripening process. It’s partially the reason why greenhouse peppers ripen so much faster than those of the same age outdoors.

Reduce the airflow and watch the ripening rate increase significantly.

3. Cut off new flowers

Cut off new flowers

And the final way that I hasten the ripening process of all my peppers is to cut off all remaining flowers when I’m about eight weeks away from my first fall frost date.

Not only will those flowers not produce viable fruit anyway in that short window of time they’re also a drain on the plant as a whole, taking valuable energy away from existing fruit.

Cut the flowers off and give your fruit a chance to not only reach its full potential but to do so even faster.

If you’re anxious about your peppers not being finished in time for winter hasten the ripening process in these three ways for maximum effect and in a pinch remember that they can always be ripened indoors if need be.

Know what else is good in the pinch, the garden quickie, hope to see in the next one. Thanks for reading guys and hey if garden quickies are your thing be sure to check out our latest blogs as we explore and solve more growing issues in two minutes or less.

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