How to take care of the lavender plant [7 Essential Tips]

lavender plant care tips

how to do lavender plant care indoor? Lavender plant is easy to grow, lasts for years, and smells great. It belongs to the flowering herbs and it has a number of uses like in the kitchen, in medicines and others in the form of herb and as lavender oil. It is such an amazing plant that tolerates the drought as well.

The flowers of lavender plants are full of fragrance and your garden becomes the attraction point because of the beauty of lavender plants. People grow lavender plants indoors but lavender plant care is very important otherwise the plant will be destroyed by pests and other unfavorable conditions.

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7 Essential tips to take care of the lavender plant

1. Soil preparation for lavender plant

Soil preparation for lavender plant

Lavender plant grows well in a neutral to alkaline soil that is well-drained. There are different varieties of lavender plants. Some varieties are grown in acidic soil and for others, it has to be less acidic

When you have grown rhododendrons in your garden then it means that the soil needs lime so that its pH is raised. The pH of the soil should range from 6.7 to 7.3. Usually, builders sand is added to the soil in order to increase the drainage.

If the soil of your garden is heavy then the organic matter can work for it. Wet soil is the real reason behind the destruction of this plant. For good drainage, you should mix some sand or gravel with soil. The reason is that lavender plants cannot tolerate the surplus moisture in the soil.

If the lavender plants are planted in raised beds then the drainage is also improved in this way. To make this harder for winders, sprinkle some fertilizer rich in phosphorus on the plants.

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2. Climatic conditions

Climatic conditions

When the climate conditions and the temperature is maintained then the lavender plants last for the years to come. The perfect conditions for the lavender plants are warm Sun and dry land.

If you are a beginner to gardening then don’t be worried when the plants don’t bloom. It can be because of overwatering of lavender plants. Double-check the place maybe it’s too much shady with higher levels of humidity.

The English lavender variety is for cold climates for that you have to cover the area for winter protection of the lavender plants.

The variety of French and Spanish lenders is grown well in hot and humid climates. Make sure that there is proper air circulation because the plants of this variety can tolerate more amount of moisture.

If in your region the winter is terrible then it is suggested to grow lavender in containers. Direct sunlight of at least eight hours is needed for them.

Make sure you place them indoors in a sunny window so that their growth is not disturbed.

3. Plantation care for lavender plant

Plantation care for lavender plant

Once the soil is ready the next step is the plantation of lavender. Select a hot and sunny area for lavender plantation. The drainage has to be good for the healthy growth of plants.

When you are to transport the lavender plant then dig a hole so that the root system of the lavender plant gets its proper space.

When you want that your lavender plants are stronger than you have to cut the flowers so that during the warm season full blooming is expected.

If the plants are planted in pots then you have to loosen the soil and pound it from its pot or container. It also happened that the plants do not flower well in one season but the plants become healthy for the next years.

4. Watering care for lavender plant

Watering care for lavender plant

Watering is very part of plant care but in the case of the lavender plant, you have to note that the plant is properly hydrated.

Once you have planted the lavender in your garden then you must water deeply once-twice a week. This should the watering routine for two years.

Overwatering should be avoided because roots will die in this way. If your lavender plants are planted in pots then you need to water them frequently.

If you have lavender plants grown on a large scale then a long soak is necessary because a short watering routine will make the plant roots unhealthy and weak.

5. Pruning care and tips


Lavender plant pruning is done so that the plants are flourished completely. It gives the plant more space to grow.

The bushes of lavender plants should be pruned at least once in one year as the main step in lavender plant care. The early springtime is ideal for pruning. At the time of harvest also the pruning of plants is done.

New growth is enables after pruning and also it prevents the plants from becoming woody.

Pruning shears are used for pruning the plants. One-third of the plant is pruned initially. When you over prune the plants then new growth of plant scapes prevented. When the plant becomes woody then the oldest branches should be cut otherwise you have to dig the plant and replace it.

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6. Pests & Disease

Pests & Disease

There’s a couple of things that might bug your lavender. If they collapse, they might have root rot from poor drainage.

Yellowing leaves means they need a feed and watch for spittlebug and the very stubborn garden weevil, and use insecticide if needed.

7. Harvesting tips for lavender plant


The final step with the lavender plantation is harvesting lavender plants. You will come to know about the harvesting time when the flowers at the bottom of the plants on every stem have started to open up.

It is high time in terms of its scent and color of the lavender plants. Gather the lavender to form a bunch and then cut them.

The plants are cut near their foliage at the base of the stems. After cutting they should be bundled together. The dead matter should be removed completely. They are to be dried in a shady and cool place.

Thanks for reading this article. Please let me know if you have any query regarding the lavender plant care in the comments section. Happy Gardening!

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