Repotting Calathea, potting mix & care Tips (The Right Way)

Repotting Calathea, potting mix & care Tips (The Right Way)

We’ll be repotting Calathea in this tutorial (specifically the Calathea Rufibarba, but you can use this method and potting mix for all types of Calathea). So, if you’re seeking information on how to repot Calathea and/or how to repot Calathea Rufibarba, this is the post for you!

Repotting Calathea is not so difficult. However, as you may know, Calatheas tend to be a bit more sensitive, so always make sure to observe your Calathea to make sure you know how she is reacting to the change and to help her thrive. Also, I’ll be sharing the recipe I used for my potting mix for Calathea. So let’s repot a Calathea.

When to repot Calathea

When to repot Calathea

When a Calathea becomes rootbound or has root rot, it has to be repotted. Disturbing it in any other way can produce undue stress, which might kill the plant. Calathea should be repotted during its growing season, which is spring because the plant will recover rapidly from the stress.

Repotting should be avoided throughout the winter when the Calathea is dormant. The environmental circumstances are not favourable for its development, and the cold temperatures will add to the stress.

Best potting mix for repotting Calathea

Best potting mix

I really like preparing my potting mix because it’s really, it really helps me be present when I’m taking care of my plants. By touching the ingredients, knowing exactly what I’m putting in the soil.

So the first ingredient we are going to get is coconut coir and we are going to put seven parts of it. Now, in order to prepare it, we want to put some water and mix it with the water. This is going to give more volume to the coconut coir and it will bring moisture to it, which is really great for our Calatheas.

I also like to add two parts of orchid bark. Then, two parts of worm castings for nutrition. Two parts of charcoal. And of course, two parts of pumice for drainage.

You know, Calatheas really like to have moist soil, so it’s always very good to also add material for drainage and this is because it’s going to help them keep moist but it’s not going to be super wet for them, which is really great.

Best pot for Calathea

Best pot

I’m trying to reduce my use of plastic now so I’m going to be using a terracotta pot. Now, just to let you know, terracotta is very porous. So the soil for your plant won’t stay moist for long periods of time. And remember that Calatheas like the soil to stay moist at all times.

If you are underwater, I would recommend that you stay with plastic because this one will keep the soil moist for longer periods. But if you want to change to terracotta, all you have to do is to water more frequently and keep checking the soil just to make sure that your plant is happy.

I also always use a pot that has a drainage hole and that way I will prevent overwatering.

Ok, let’s start repotting Calathea.

Repotting Calathea

Repotting Calathea

We will add the first layer of soil to the bottom and this is to give some support to the roots.

We will take our plant out of the pot and massage the roots out of the soil. Very carefully, try to do it super smooth and just slowly. That way you don’t damage the roots. And we will place it inside the pot like so. So I will hold my plant, and add more soil, Just to cover the roots.

We want to press it a little bit so we can prevent air holes. And be very gentle so you don’t damage the roots. And add more soil.

Now, as I said this one likes the soil to be moist so I’m going to water a little bit, just to make sure is happy.

How do I know if my Calathea is healthy?

How do I know if my Calathea is healthy?

When exposed to bright, strong sunlight, leaves can fade or even turn a burned yellow or brown. Calathea leaves appear best when the plant is placed in strong indirect sunlight since this provides enough light for the plant’s fascinating variegated patterns while avoiding any negative effects.

How do you save a dying Calathea plant?

How do you save a dying Calathea plant?

To resurrect a dying Calathea, make sure the soil is moist but drains well, place the plant in bright, indirect light, and keep the temperature between 65 and 75 degrees F (18 and 23 degrees C). Avoid air conditioning or draughts that might dry up the leaves, and spray the leaves on a frequent basis.

And we did it, thank you so much for being here with me I think this potting mix is going to be great for my Calatheas. So if you decide to use the same potting mix while repotting Calathea, let me know in the comments below I would love to know how it goes for you. Happy gardening!

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