When to plant brassicas [Detailed Guide]

When to plant brassicas [Detailed Guide]

When is the best time to plant our brassicas? Well, for many of us, there are two ideal times to harvest our kale, Broccoli, and Cauliflowers; spring and fall. You see, Brassica crops simply taste better when you avoid harvesting them in the heat of the summer. So by knowing how long these guys take to grow, and when we want to harvest, we can work backward and find the exact dates we need to be starting our seeds!

Brassica oleracea, this genus of plants commonly called cabbages is an absolute staple in temperate gardens and they’re super easy to grow provided you get one thing right.

When do we plant brassicas?

When do we plant brassicas?

Cabbages and their cohorts taste best when they’re harvested in cooler weather. But that doesn’t mean that’s when you plant them.

Some leafy varieties are tolerant of really cool weather, such as kale and collards. But for the most part harvesting just above freezing is ideal. This is why timing is so important to brassicas.

In temperate regions, we have two ideal times to harvest – spring and fall.

Fall is easiest to grow for because we have the warm weather to enjoy to get these guys started. But as brassicas are almost never direct seeded a spring harvest is entirely possible as well.

From the time of sprouting most brassicas, even the large fruiting kinds are a 50-70 day crop.

At 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit germination takes roughly 5 to 10 days. So now we have a known window of growing time, great.

So for a fall harvest start your seeds roughly 60 days or two months before your first fall frost and for a spring harvest start your seeds indoors about a month before your last spring frost date.

These dates will time a cool harvest perfectly and avoid freezing or damaging weather.

For warm climates, you can be a little more fluid. The easiest is to start your seeds in the hottest month of the year. So if you’re in southern California start your seeds in august to enjoy that November harvest.

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FAQs on when to plant brassicas

Which Brassica is easiest to grow?

Brassicas are easiest to grow when used as short-season greens like baby kale, mustard greens, or bok choy. They can be sown in the early spring or the late summer, and after a few weeks, they will begin to produce young greens, which may later be collected at full size for cooking.

Where do brassicas grow best?

Most brassicas prefer a position with full sun and protection. Check that you are planting at the right time because some brassicas, including broccoli and cabbage, don’t like temperatures above 25 degrees.

How late can I plant brassicas?

Late July through August or maybe September.

Can brassicas be planted in the spring?

You can plant brassicas in the spring, summer, or early fall.

Can brassicas survive frost?

Brassicas can usually withstand a mild frost if the temperature falls between 28 and 33 °F for a few hours.

At what temp do brassicas bolt?

Brassicas bolt at temperatures below 50°F (10°C) for three to four weeks.

What season does brassica grow?

Brassicas are typically planted in the fall, winter, and spring since they are cold-tolerant vegetables. The best dates to plant, however, can vary. For instance, late summer is the perfect time to start brussels sprouts.

Can you grow brassicas in winter?

Remember that winter brassicas prefer warm soils for germination and cool weather for growth.

What is the fastest growing brassica?

The mustard family of brassicas is the least cold-hardy and fastest-growing of all, making them ideal for weed control in the fall.

How many years in a row can you plant brassicas?

Avoid planting brassicas in the same location for more than two years in a row to prevent disease and pest issues.

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